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    Alyssa Sheldon

    Hi. I realize this is rather a two part question.
    1: has anyone tried food coloring as a colorant additive?
    2: what works best on cured resin for transparency in color? Watercolor? Sharpies? Something I haven’t thought of yet?

    Thank you!

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    Katherine Swift

    Unfortunately, food coloring does not work well to color resin. There is too much moisture and may keep the resin from curing.

    I have used paint pens on cured resin and been happy with the results.

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    Alyssa Sheldon

    Have you used watercolor markers or sharpies?

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    Peggy H

    Beginner . Resin painting. Your recommendation on fluid V powder colorants for opaque. Using ArtResin.

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    Hi I’m new to acrylic paint pouring and have ordered my resin. My question is…Do I still mix my acrylic paints with the floetrol before adding the colors to the resin, or do I just add the acrylic paints right in the resin? (after I’ve completely mixed the resin of course). Thank you for your help.

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    Jeri Staley-Earnst

    Katherine – I would like to tint in various colors for a stained glass look. What do you recommend for the colorant? Mahalo nui loa!

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