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      Katherine Swift

      This comes through email by LR

      I want to start making my own
      molds from resin and I want to resell them. I am attaching a pic of what
      I have interest in doing. I just dont know know how to make the
      outside part of the mold. The inside is easy by just filling in the
      cavity. Do you have any pointers? or websites I can look into? I just
      need some direction.
      Also I have read that you should seal resin to extend shelf life. What sealer do you recommend?

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      Katherine Swift

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi LR,

      If I understand your question correctly, you need to know what to pour the silicone into in order to get a finished mold.

      Since your molds are going to be small, I would recommend using a clean, disposable plastic food container.  I find the dairy product containers from the grocery store work well.  Make sure you have the container and lid.  Cut the bottom off of the container and make sure the lid is securely fastened to the container.  Turn your container upside down and secure the model to the inside of the lid.  Mix your silicone and pour into the container.  Once it is cured, you can easily pull the flexible plastic away and you have your mold.

      As for sealing resin, I dont think that is necessary if you use a good quality resin to begin with.

      Good luck!

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