Convexing in mold

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    Recently I did a cast of some puzzle pieces for a commission and noticed all of the pieces had convexed in the mold, is there a way to fix for the current project and prevent for future ones? I didn’t fill the molds all the way because they wanted thinner pieces

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    Katherine Swift

    Can you link to a picture? I want to be sure I fully understand what’s going on.

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    I have not posted a picture of it anywhere but what I’m having is raised edges and a dip towards the center like it’s bowed in the center

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi James, it sounds like what you are experiencing is a normal occurrence when casting resin. I talk about it in this video:

      You can try overfilling your mold a little more than you did previously. The resin will shrink and hopefully be more level.

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        I have molds with the protrusions that make a hole for a jump ring. How can I overfill and still have the holes stay open?

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          Katherine Swift

          You can’t. You will have to drill the holes out after demolding.

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