creating repeatable color formulas

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      K. Robinson

      Dear Helpful Resin User:

      What exactly do I need (tools, and made of what; plastic? glass?) and how do i mix small amounts of colored liquid resin to create the color I want and THEN make a repeatable formula so I can accurately l mix larger amounts to get the same color?

      This seems like it shoud b3e obvious, but I am stumped, and i have googled and youtubed and can;t find the answer.

      Do I weigh or do I use “measuring cups”?

      How do I compensate for the resin thatg will stick to the container? Lets say I put ten drops of liquid yellow in a plastic cup using an eye dropper, 15 drops of white in a other plastic cup using an eye dropper, and 30 drops of clear, and then i pour them into a single cup, put into a mold, let it dry and decide I like the color and want to make several larger batches of it that are basically color matched?

      Will the resin coat the eye dropper so that it must be thrown away avery time?

      Will plastic cups “melt” if i use them?

      when i pour the drop form my cups in together, a bunch of matuerial will stick to the cup. when I repeat with a bigger batch, a proportionally smaller percentage of my colors will stick to the cup, making my formula less accurate. Is that such a small amount that I shoudn’t worry about it?

      What kinds of vessels or cups are people using for color mixing and pouring that are cost effective and dont react with the resin?

      If folks are using plain old plastic single use plastic cups, how are you getting precise amounts in them quickly and efficiently? How to you get “measuring cup” type marks on them?

      I am actually collaborating with smeon who is unsucecessfully “mixing the colors by eye” and it is a disataster. I need to know how to come in and suggest a more accurate way for us to create colors during the design process and then repeat the process acccurately when we make stock.


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi K,

      I’m afraid there isn’t an easy to do this.

      If you’re interested, we can custom mix a color for you. The minimum order is 32 ounces of each color.

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