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      I’ve been trying to use the cube mold but put a four leaf clover on each of the sides.
      It’s not working out so well….Technique was to use the bottom to do a side, let it cure and then remove from mold. I then put the finished “bottom piece” back in the mold as a side of the cube to create a new “bottom” surface and repour. I was able to do 2 adjacent sides without problems. But ran into problems with the third side. I first poured in a layer of resin and then inserted the already done sides, hoping it would all stick together at the edges. What happened is that the resin from the bottom seeped up between the mold and the finished sides creating an extra unwanted and irreg layer on the sides. I tried again, this time not pressing the two sides down as hard into the fresh resin but the sides didn’t attach to the new bottom, and came out too small to just put in place and pour more resin. I also realized I’ve created a problem-as I rotate the finished sides, the opening or top of the cube gets blocked by a side and makes it difficult to pour in the resin without distorting the mold.

      Another thought was to do each side separately-all except the top-then put back in mold and fill to the top–would that seal it all together? How would I prevent resin squeezing up and getting the sides to stick together?

      A less significant problem is with air bubbles. I’d pour a layer, let it dry, put in a clover and then pour another layer on top. Each time I’ve done that, there have been air bubbles under the clover when it dried that I couldn’t see before.

      Hoping you can help-sorry it’s not clearer.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Evy,

      Have you tried the technique I show in this bangle bracelet tutorial on how to make things float in resin:

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      Yes that’s how I do the bottom face of the cube (except now I understand how to eliminate the bubbles) but I’m trying to get a floating clover facing out on each of the 6 sides of the cube. The bottom of the cube is easy enough to do using that technique, but I don’t understand how to do the sides. I can see slowly adding resin to surround an upright rigid object like a button and for the clover facing the bottom, but I still can’t figure out how to get clover on the sides perpendicular to the bottom. I’d think the clover are too fragile to “plant” upright in a base layer of resin and then slowly surround with resin if I just slowly filled from the bottom up? Sorry if that’s not so clear.

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