Cups stuck to painting

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Judy:

      I put upside down yogurt cups under my piece to lift it up. When the resin cured, it stuck to the cups. oops.
      How can I get it to release?

      Thank you.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Judy,

      I’m afraid resin is a great adhesive. This is going to be a challenge.

      First, have you tried breaking the cups off? You cup may crack, but at least it will be off your painting.

      If that doesn’t work, try applying a heat gun or hair dryer to the area. Hopefully, that will soften the resin enough that you can peel your cup away.

      If your painting is small enough, you might be able to try the freezer trick I have used for molds. Place everything in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, take it out, then slap the cups on a hard surface. With any luck, they will pop off.

      Would you mind sharing what works for you?

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      Judy Wheeler

      I tried to post a picture but was unable to.
      I pryed the wooden cross up with a screwdriver. Thank goodness the cups were somewhat flexible. I then used a heat gun to get the residue off the back. Used a razor blade knife to do this.
      I will have to paint or cover the backside after all that but it worked.
      Thanks for your suggestions.
      Judy Wheeler

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