Cured resin and water

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      Hi! I suppose this is kind of a silly (and sort of two part) question, but I wanted to get a little input from people who have more experience.

      I plan on using Resin Obsession brand super clear resin and Easy Cast clear resin (separately, of course) to make some embelishments for a costume. The pieces are fairly thin (about a quarter inch) and roughly the size of a half dollar.
      The idea is to drill a small hole on each side (with a resin hand drill) and secure it with wire.
      Will the resin hold up under medium tension? Not pulling too strongly, but certainly not slack. (The thinness of the pour and relative softness of epoxy resin has me a little concerned)
      The other concern (pertaining to the subject line) is that my job requires me to be in water a lot. I am unsure if this water will be chlorinated or not, but either way, will being constantly submerged do anything to the integrity of the pieces or the luster of the surface?
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Carly,

      The Resin Obsession super clear resin will hold up under tension and do well when getting wet.  (You can see an experiment here about it going through a washing machine –  My only concern is that if the casting is to thin, it may crack when it is drilled.

      As for the Easy Cast, thin castings are quite flexible, so Im not sure it will work for what youre trying to do.  It should drill fine, but I dont know how well it will hold up in water.

      Good luck!

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