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      Katherine Swift

      This request comes from Ioannis:

      Hello there, I want to create something from my girlfriend, but it is difficult, because it is small, and I’d rather have some “pros” do this. She loves the Redwood trees and they are maybe her favorite living thin on Earth, so I’m making an engagement ring for her. I already have a ring shape commissioned through a brilliant jeweler friend, and I’m missing the central piece. This is to be Redwood tree seed caught in amber colored resin. This is not the difficult part. The difficult part is the size; it needs to be quite small, flat on the bottom, oval on the top and sides., and about 1cm in length, 5mm wide and 3-4mm tall. Ideally, I’d like 5 different sizes varying a little so that we can choose the best fir for the ring. This is delicate work, and I would be very appreciative if you could either put me in contact with someone you know to be good, or maybe yourselves? I have the seeds for this by the way….., I live in the UK, ….. Hoping you can help!

      If you can help, please respond directly to seepyou [at] seepyou {dot} net

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