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      Charlotte Sainsbury

      Hi, can anyone advise me on when I want to finish an item with doming resin. I am doing a 3D L which had a non smooth mould (it’s all I could get!). I need to put resin on one of the surfaces, how do I prevent it running down onto the other side. I tried using sticky tape but it seeped through. The resin is thick as it is doming resin but as the surface is not 100% level it can drip down another side. I worry if I put stickier tape on it it won’t come off or leave a residue. Thanks

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Charlotte,

      When using a doming resin on a surface like this, you don’t want to get it all the way to the edge. Only fill up about 2/3 of the surface, then use a toothpick or something similar to draw it to the edge. You can see what I’m talking about here:

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