Dried flowers discoloring in resin

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Dorothy:

      Hi! I’ve been casting dried flowers in resin. They’ve done very well, however, a friend recently showed me her ring and it has discolored considerably. I generally brush a sealant or spray a sealant on them before setting to be safe. (May have missed these) I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary as long as they were fully dry? She did say she showered with it on, is it possible the water caused the discoloration? I thought there may be an air pocket and the water seeped in but I wouldn’t think it would reach the full ring like it has. Just curious as to your thoughts on this as I make several flower beads and don’t want them to continue darkening. Thanks!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Dorothy,

      I always seal anything organic (meaning Carbon based) before including it in resin, even if it’s dry, if it is porous. While I haven’t had this problem happen with flowers, I have had this happen with candy I used in resin turning brown months later. It’s not a function of your friend getting the ring wet. Somehow, the flower didn’t get sealed well enough and has started to turn brown. 🙁

      I seal my flowers at least three times when using a spray sealant. It sounds like you sealed yours with a spray sealant as well. Maybe the ‘contact paper method’ would work for you better? You can see how I do it here: https://www.resinobsession.com/resin-tutorials/dried-flowers-in-resin-the-next-step

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      Thank you! I actually cut my flowers up and use them in spheres/ring molds so the contact paper method may not work for me in that aspect. It is good info to know for future references though; thanks!

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      Nicola race

      Really need your help, I got a wreath for my husbands funeral last week, I would really like to put it in resin, it’s a tight 60cm circle full of little flowers with an OM sign in the middle.
      Do you know anyone that could preserve a full piece rather than just one flower?


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      I’m sure you can use a giant mold and put the whole bouquet inside but to make sure the flower does not turn brown,spray it with some good amount of
      Sealant to make sure the flower is all over sealed perfectly but it will turn out as a huge weird looking solid vase with flowers in it you can sand it with a buffing wheel to make sure what size,shape and look you want to use you. Thanks a lot

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