Dry epoxy resin safe near face??

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    Hello all!

    I have recently been interested in buying a mask that is papermache with a coat of epoxy resign. Paper mache itself is not great for masks as paper and glue with humidity and dampness can cause mold, etc…

    However, because it has a coat of epoxy resin, it is supposedly safe from that. Just wondering if epoxy resin itself is safe to be worn for extended periods of time? Especially near the face.


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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Lola,

    Cured epoxy resin is tolerated well by people. For extra safety though, you could use a food safe resin like the Alumilite Amazing clear cast epoxy. We have it in several sizes (blue box) in our store here:

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      Thank you! Because the mask is already finished and up or sale, I am not able to request the use of food safe epoxy resin, however I am glad to hear it is safe! When mask wearing, I often use a balaclava for an extra layer anyway, so I should be good.

      Thanks again!

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