Finishing polyester resin castings

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       Thanks Katherine, I polish by hand. Need to get a bench polisher.

      I jyst tried sanding under water. Perfect. 
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi katherine,

      I use polyester casting resin here in Hawaii, cant get your product here.  I cast bangle bracelets using your molds. They turn out perfect, clear, hard, glossy,
      beautiful. BUT, the top surface is always very slightly tacky. when I sand them they look a little gunked up, like the sand is going into the resin. I use a wet sandpaper starting with 300 grit on down to 1500.

      I polish with polishing compound till I am literally exhausted. Still cant get them really glossy. What am I doing wrong?

      I dont cover the castings after they are poured, could that be the problem? Can I paint a layer of resin over the complete piece? I tried different types of spray shellac etc.  Didnt work, gunked them up. I end up sanding the complete piece because of scratches that i cant help. I embed tiny pieces of fan coral in with seashells and they always scratch the mold, thus sand the whole piece.

      Sure would would appreciate your help.



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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Marcia,

      Heres a few of my thoughts:

      Wet sandpaper to get off the sticky side is good, but I would take it even further by sanding the piece underwater.  An old cookie sheet with sides works well for this.

      What kind of polishing compound are you using?  I like using Fabulustre with a cotton wheel.  Are you using a polishing cabinet or a dremel tool?  I dont think a dremel tool works as well to get a high polish on polyester castings. 

      Hope this helps.  🙂

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