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      Eric O’Reilley

      I am new to resin casting. I purchased the D6 dice mold and the starter kit and I am having trouble getting the dice to come out perfect. I have read over the instructions and every time I try to pour the mold I have issues after it cures. I have bubbles in the cast, I have a small chunk missing from the top where the pour spout is (and yes I make sure to over fill it) and when I rubber band the mold close I have resin leaking out of the mold. I feel like a complete failure with all these issues. Any help out there?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Eric,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having troubles.

      For attacking the bubbles, this article should give you some ideas:

      It sounds like your bubbles are getting caught at the spout opening. I like to tap my mold on a hard surface to push the bubbles through the opening.

      If a rubber band isn’t working for you, try wrapping the mold in packing tape. Make sure the edges come together as seamlessly as possible.

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      Cameron Waiters

      I have this sketching notebook and I have some dried flowers, plants, mushrooms and other outdoor artifacts that I want to place on the cover and back of my sketching notebook, what should I use for the mold or in other words how can I contain the resin around my sketchbook when I am pouring the resin on top of it? I have done some research and it is very difficult to find cheap acrylic panels to put around it. Do you know any places I can purchase them or maybe even some diy ways to do it? I have a foam poster board, but I’m not sure if that will do the trick. Also once it cures what is the best way to remove it or should I use some time of spray to easily remove the resin from he mold.

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Cameron,

        So that I’m clear, do you want to put items on the sketchbook, then cover it in resin, or do you want to include the sketchbook cover in a mold, add in the flower, then cast everything together with resin? That will help me with recommendations.

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