Freezing temps cracked resin jewelry

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      I use polyester resin and I had a customer ask if I can repair a piece that she left in her car and the freezing temps cracked. There’s no way that I know to repair it ?

      I guess I’ll have to start sending care sheets warning about avoiding extreme temps perhaps. Although I have NEVER seen anybody else selling resin pieces send a care sheet with it. Not sure how others handle this in their businesses. Im also curious if maybe there’s a kind of poly resin out there that won’t crack in cold temps?

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      Rhonda J. Hunter

      I think a care sheet is an excellent idea! So many people don’t know how to care for resin items. Some resins crack in cold, some warp or bend in just the heat of your skin, let alone outdoor heat! My niece complained her bangle bracelet became deformed when she wore it to the beach last summer. (Florida?? 90 degrees+??) And she was warned.

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      Katherine Swift

      Was resin in a metal bezel? Are you sure it was polyester resin?

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