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      I am wondering what will happen if i place a fresh strawberry in clear epoxy resin. I do not want to dry it first because it will lose shape. Will the epoxy even cure since the fruit is wet? Thanks guys and gals:)

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Ben,

      Assuming the resin cures (which I’m afraid it won’t because of the moisture in the strawberry), I would also expect the strawberry to rot.

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      You got my interest peaked. Perhaps if you seal it with a glue substance first, then it would theoretically seal the moisture in long enough to allow the resin to cure around it. Then I’m afraid I’m entirely too curious how long it would take for the fruit to visibly change as it rotted within it’s airless environment. Set up a long term time laps photo session and let ‘er rip! Post the video please… 😉

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        Mike Socha

        I’m going to try this with an Orange!

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          Dzunisani Gift

          Did it work

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      Did u ever do this strawberry test
      I have the same question as yo how i could seal a fruit -spray gel etc
      In order to pour resin on it and mumifie it this way / but keep it looking fresh inside the resin

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      Katherine Swift

      I have not tried the strawberry, but you can see what happened with candy in resin here:

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      Hi, I’m wondering if you tried doing that already? How long did it take to rotten? I’m about to do similar experiment with fresh fruit and I have been told that I should first apply 5-6 layers of REVIVO PROTECT-IT spray on the fruit and the mold and to use AQUARES glassy transparent resin instead of epoxy resin. However they said the fruit will start to rotten after a while. Someone did a similar project with salad, and it came out great.

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        Hey Karen. Do you think this would work with a piece of chocolate cake?

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      I still wonder the same thing. May be can apply to crystal resin after covering the fresh fruit with plastic foil. But not a strawberry! Orange, apple, banana, cucumber, eggplant, such as products for a long time to has fresh look can be provided. I haven’t tried it, but I’d like to know if anyone tries.

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      Ericka Buitrago

      I am have been drawing on the tops of grapefruit peels and allowing them to dry. I’m going to try to seal it with the recommendation posted by kristina and post an update with details of the experiment.

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      Hi. I have used big carrots to make wind instruments (recorders), and feel rather satisfied with the results. However, they cannot be kept long, and the pitch gets higher when carrots dry. Do you think some kind of resin could be used (by injection maybe) in order to keep their shape and aspect? Joël V.

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Joel,

        Unfortunately, I don’t think resin is a good choice for the project you describe.

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      Mandy Pannack

      Isn’t it well known that McDonald’s food doesn’t spoil over time? Has anyone tried doing a McDonald’s burger 🍔

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      Am considering this as an option for a local pizza chain needing additional ccountertop space for customers. Envisioning pizza toppings encapsulate in resin sealed countertops. Feasability??? Lots of direct sunlight. Regards, DM

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        My post was hasty apparently. Art resin website states food based items can be preserved so long as they are ENTIRELY covered with resin. A follow up call to manufacturer is still fundamental Reagan-omics: Trust, but insure.

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          Katherine Swift

          Hi Derek, the problem with putting food in epoxy is that it has to be entire dry, otherwise it will spoil. You would need to dehydrate your pizza first, then seal it, before placing it in resin.

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        Mr k

        you could just buy fake art pizza stuff looks real i think it would be a better choice

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      Has anyone tried it on a lemon yet?

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      I am making some interpretation pieces for a winery, and am trying to set grapes in resin. Lots of surface area, any tips getting rid of air bubbles?
      Was going to try and seal in PVA beforehand for some added longevity.

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      I have sealed a small strawberry in epoxy. Nothing used except a drop of super glue to keep it from floating. It’s been 6 months and looks the same. It instantly discolored it slightly due to the heat I guess so I will try this massive sized one sprayed in laquer first and see. No problem what so ever to cure the epoxy. I have done it with cheaper epoxy and had many problems.

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      Heat gun and mix by hand. Add thin layer heat gun out the bubbles (and mix it all the same time so be quick) just add a little more each time heat gunning out any bubbles . Remember heat speeds up the process so be carefull not to over do it.

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      I’m a cake lover and selling homemade cakes 🍰.. I’m thinking to preserve my cake slices in resin as souvenir. Is that possible? Please advise. Thank you.

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      Hi all,

      I have dehydrated strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi, lemon, lime and oranges until they snapped (so dry). Stored them in silica cat litter (clean, not in litter tray obviously!) So well and truly dry. Then a couple of coats of spray acrylic. Finally covered entirely in lots of resin. All looked amazing for 1st month. All spoiled and browning after 6, after 12 all look awful. I found instructions online about coating fruit in a mix of boiled cornstarch and water before dehydrating to aid preservation and colour, made no difference just took longer to dehydrate. It’s a shame, bought the dehydrator specifically for this purpose!

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      Hey! I’m trying to make fake blood for a piece on a canvas, and I was wondering if I used a recipe with corn syrup and whatnot if resin could keep everything from spoiling on my canvas

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      anyoen tried with romanesco broccoli?

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      Borgus Weems


      I had a similar question about raw meat, and was bummed when I learned you can’t cast non dried foods. Found my solution on this website. Hope it can help someone else too!

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      Greg Brooks

      What if a fresh pepper, cut in half were infused with the preservative pottasium sorbate along with ascorbic acid to help retain colour, then cover with resin?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Greg,

        I’ve never tried preserving a food item like this, but the key is that it has to be dry when done.

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      Hi! I have epoxied fresh grapes and can only assume that the grapes created a tiny air pocket in the resin that allowed air in and rotted the grape. I coated it twice ans have tried with several grapes and fruits. Im guessing it needs to be dehydrated, hopefully this helps!!

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      Cheryl King

      Hi there – I need to put pineapples in my display window for a month. Direct sun! Is there something I can spray on it to make it last before it begins to rot? Appreciate any thoughts!

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        Katherine Swift

        I’m afraid not Cheryl. You will do better to get a fake pineapple for your window.

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          Cheryl King

          Well the problem is that I have 7 windows to buy for so that gets pricey. I guess I will just have to replace them a few times! Thanks though!

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      First Guest

      I decided to do a still life under epoxy resin. What fruits would you recommend to use? I mean, which leaves the best color and doesn’t tarnish? Thanks in advance

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