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      Katherine Swift

      This comes through email by Cory:

      Hi there. I hope I can get a response. I know yall are really busy and thats always a good thing.

      I have a few questions.

      I have been reading a whole lot on making resin jewelry and trying to figure out how to start.
      And I have lots of questions and Ill start with just a few.

      Id like to start by making lever back earrings and posts stud earrings in either 10mm or 15mm I am wondering how will I be able to find a mold to make the cabochons for that size..
      Or do I have to pour the resin directly into the bezel?

      Can I use nail polish to color the resin?
      Can I pour glitter in the resin?
      And what is the best resin to use for filling earring bezels?
      Do I always need to work in a warm area for resin to harden?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Cory,Youre going to love resin!  Here are the answers to your questions:

      1.  The easiest thing for the bezel cabochons is to pour the resin directly into the bezel.  If you want to make cabs that size to put into the earrings, I would suggest making a template of the size you want, then making a silicone mold from that template.

      2.  I have no experience using nail polish within the uncured resin as a colorant.  I have tried it later as a glossy coating but found it to have a gritty finish to it.

      3.  Glitter works very well in resin!  If you want it to stay mixed in the resin, you will need to get a very fine consistency glitter, otherwise, it will sink to the bottom.

      4.  To fill earring bezels, use a doming resin.  The Resin Obsession crystal doming resin works very well for this. 

      A warm area is essential for your resin to cure properly.  The area needs to be in the 72 degree Fahrenheit range in order for it to work.

      Good luck!

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