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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from the Resin Obsession blog from Patty:

    Help, i casted a brass bezel pendant. It was a mosaic style design with glass and grout. it cured with a few bubbles. is there anyway to remove the cured resin so i can reuse the bezel?

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    Katherine Swift

    As for saving the project you have here, you have two options:

    1.  If the bubbles are on top, you can sand until all they are gone, then repour.  (This of course assumes that by sanding you wont damage your bezel). 
    2.   You can drill to the bubbles and try to repour resin into the holes the bubbles have created.  Make sure the hole is clean first (no dust!) and wipe out with a damp Q-tip to make sure the sides are clean as well.  This way
    is a bit more tricky as it is almost impossible (for me anyway) to
    recreate the same color in resin from one batch to the next, but this is easier to do this with clear resin. 

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