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      Im trying to pour polyester resin into a glass container and it seems to be having some odd effects with the sides of the glass in certain areas. 
      The glass is quite thick so I thought it would hold up ok with the heat of the catalyst but it seems to produce some strange patterened cracks, almost like little eclipse shaped chips as though the glass/resin wants to crack but doesnt.
      Its only by the edges where the resin meets the glass.
      My piece is quite large (22oz) and I know it would make more sense to do it in layers but Ive had success doing a single pour of this size in a silicone mold and was hoping to not see the line of layers.
      Wondering if you have any advice if there is perhaps a spray or some way to keep it cool during the setting process?
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Keir,

      The glass jar most likely is having problems handling the heat generated by the polyester resin.  Unfortunately, I would suggest doing this project in layers. 

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