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       I have been making glass tile jewelry with a water-soluble sealer, but am interested to know if resin can be used to seal the back of the photograph which has been adhered to the glass tile. Would I also use resin to attach the photograph or paper to the glass tile? 

      Just to be clear, the glass tile is the first layer, a photograph is attached to the back of the glass tile. The back of the photograph then needs to be sealed. I am looking for a more permanent (non-water-soluble) sealer for the back of the photograph. 
      Thanks for your help! 
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      Katherine Swift

      You can certainly use resin, but it seems like a lot of work!  With the resin, you are going to have to mix a minimum amount in order for the resin to cure.  I cant imagine you would use that much to coat the back of the photographs, so I would expect you would end up wasting a lot of resin.  Have you tried E6000?  You can use a little at a time and dont have to mix two parts first.

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