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      I am trying to make some resin pieces with glitter.  No matter how much glitter I use, it all sinks to the bottom.  So then the majority of my piece is clear resin – with a glitter layer.  How do I get glitter throughout my entire piece? 

      Thanks bunches!
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      Katherine Swift


      Try using the finest glitter you can find.  You may even need to wait until the resin ever so slightly starts to cure before adding it in order to keep it suspended.  Be careful at this point though — if you introduce bubbles, they may be hard to get back out.

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      If I’m sealing a painting with resin is it better to put glitter down first or put glitter in the resin for best glitter appearance?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Rachel,

        Since the resin will be in a thin layer, I don’t know that it makes a difference.

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