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      Viki Hartman

      HI! First, thank you so much for the heating box idea! I was going crazy, because ever since cold weather, my jewelry pieces did not cure completely. And I didn’t know it’s because of the cold. So now I would like to make one for myself. Some heating pads turn off after 90 min, and I don’t think they will maintain the temperature all night.. Or will they? 🙂 I also found pads for animals, that can be turned on for longer, but maintain temperature 27-32C. I that to high for epoxy to cure? Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Viki,

      That temperature is a little warm for resin. You may want to keep a thermometer in your hot box to check on the temperature to make sure things don’t get too warm.

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      Viki Hartman

      Thank you! I’ll rather try the heating pad that heats the box up to 23C.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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