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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Brian:

      I have a project i need info on. I want to create a super clear epoxy casting where i am inbedding a items like leaves and photos. The final casting will be approximately 1″ thick 16″ x 32″.

      What silicone product should i use to create the mold?

      Will silicone be the best molding product?

      Will i be able to use the correct sized Melamine-coated particleboard as the casting material to form my epoxy cast mold?

      Will silicone stick to Melamine?

      Sorry for so many questions. I am totally new to this.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Brian,

      Since this is simple mold, I would expect any silicone product to work. Know that it could be quite expensive to make a mold this large? Do you have a template for your mold yet? If not, polished acrylic would work well.

      Melamine coated particle board will work well for your mold box. The silicone shouldn’t stick to it, but I always recommending using a mold release to be sure. This is the one I like:

      You may be able to build you box, line it with wax paper, spray with the mold release, then pour your resin into it. Take apart your box after casting and things should be good.

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      Brian Melching

      Thank you so very much. To me any and all informatiin will be greatly appreciated. I am looking into other arrangements for this project in order to keep the cost down. With the information you have offered me i will go back and look into this project with greater knowledge.

      Thank you

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