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    Hi just found website….excellent info! Total newbie. I’m an art student with a new project to make an artist book about A5 size. I want to make the book covers with clear resin and embed objects (paper,metal an such) I’m going to use some sort of epoxy resin….i think!. What’s the best way to make a mold for this and are there any homemade mold making materials I can use to do this? Any tips greatly appreciated ?

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    Katherine Swift

    Have you considered embellishing an already made bookcover with resin instead? It would be a lot easier.

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    Yeah I did consider that I need the transparency. I also considered using the outside edges of a bookcover(cutting away the inside) as a sort of frame and filling with resin… if that makes sense. I was unsure how I could keep this flat/ level while drying.

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    Katherine Swift

    You can cover the back of the bookcover with wax paper and tape securely. Place on a flat surface to pour the resin. Once the resin is cured, remove the tape and wax paper.

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    Clinton Gallagher @tapABILITIES

    Hello Julie,

    A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) is rather large and pouring urethane epoxy flat on wax paper will work but what you use for a form and the end result will be tricky. For the most part silicone makes the best molds.

    Even if casting ~1/8″ thick the end result will likely be “bendy” and will likely also crack. Cured epoxy is like concrete; it is super strong in compression but weak in torsional “bendy” forces.

    Check out styrene model building parts used for architectural models. Cut yourself a frame and pour into the frame. I’d also use triangular gussets to make the frame resist stresses. They can be cut in any decorative manner you choose but you want something to provide structural strength and resistance. You can even build some “book cover” hinges from styrene. It is easy to work with and finish.

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