HELP! Used resin to repair chip/crack on glass cooktop

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    Hello and HELP! I burned my fingers on the cast iron casserole lid and dropped on the very edge of the glass cooktop. It took a chip about the size of my pinkie nail out of the upper side, and a snake shape crack followed that corner. We are trying to preserve what is there, the mission to keep it intact. If we can do that while hiding it as best as possible, then great! I used a Home Bond 4 hour slow dry epoxy resin. The chip and crack are no where near heat, and it sits on top of a black marbled granite. I applied the epoxy resin, set up a mold/barrier as best I could to hold the chip repair area in. I used isopropyl alcohol to clean up areas I didn’t want it. Wiped the crack with the E/R, wiped with alcohol, did that three times. Finished with a thin coat of E/R along the snake crack. There is a clear raised, basically unfinished layer across the snake crack and the chip area is filled in and solid (2 days now) My question is what can I polish this down with? What can I use across my glass cooktop that will not wreck it at all but yet finish down the epoxy resin to a smooth finish and clean it up. Your input would be tremendously helpful.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m afraid anything that’s abrasive enough to sand down the resin is likely to damage your glass cooktop.

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