Help with scratches?

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      Can anyone help?
      I’ve had a little break from resin (back to work after furlough) i made 2 coasters aprox 2 months ago- perfectly cured- no problems.

      But noticed my niece “swishing” it around the coffee table a while back- the underside is now scratched (like i’ve done a quick scrape with sandpaper)

      Any advice on how or why this has happened? I feel like i mixed the resin the correct amount of time (and actually found it a superior quality to another i was using )
      I thought resin was supposed to scratch resistant (when made correctly) but certain i did? Can’t see how i can measure and mix it any more correctly?

      Would a too coat on the underside be of any use?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jennifer, it might be the resin. Which one did you use?

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      Thank you for the reply –
      The brand i used is called “dipoxy-2k-700” (From amazon) XoX

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        Katherine Swift

        Hmm. I’m not familiar with that one. Do you remember if it mixed thick (like honey) or thin (like water)?

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      Eeer… somewhere inbetween i’d say. I had another brand- that i used 2nd, called “decorrom epoxy resin kit” it is on google in a cute little package with colourful leaves on, i used that one and remember it being much thicker than the dipoxy…and tried doing top coats with the decorrom one- wasn’t succesful- but the dippxy resin one-perfect for a top coat.

      Need to buy more as ran out- but if it’s just going to scratch?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Jennifer, it’s been my experience that the thicker the resin, the more likely it is to scratch.

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      Mariëlla van Dongen

      Hi,I had a small scratch on a beautiful Exposy resin jewelry piece. I tried to repair it with Castin art spray but it came out ugly. Is there a way to remove the spray without damaging the resin? I only used a small spray on the spot with the scratch. I hope you can help!
      Thank you.
      Kind regards, Mariëlla

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      Hi there,

      Im new to resin art and so far my biggest worry is scratches. So i hope someone can explain, what im doing wrong. The coasters dry perfectly fine, im sure im mixing resin in correct ratio, but the surface will scratch so easy 🙁 even i wipe it with microfibre cloth.. any suggestions what im doing wrong or is that normal with resin..?

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      We have been making resin art for quite a while but are having issues with our trays. For some reason they scratch easily and if you put anything harder on it like a mug an indentation shows up easily. Not sure what were doing wrong here! Any recommendations? We let it cure for 72 hours and its above 75 degrees.

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      Hi!I’m a new to resin art ….my products r not glossy the way it has to be and also gets scratches after sometimes how to avoid them ? I use epoxy epoke 3:1 resin ….

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Kavya,

      It sounds like your resin isn’t curing hard enough. This article will give you some things to consider:

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