How do I make a mold of doll shoes?

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Daphne:

      I need help figuring out the best materials to use to replicate doll shoes and how to go about doing it. The shoes are like Barbie or Monster High shoes (the material). Some have straps and other shapes but I’d like to replicate them including the detail on the bottom of the shoes. So I’d like to make a full mold for them but I don’t know the best method or what materials to use. If it would be impossible for me to make the mold without replicating the bottoms then I’d be ok with the flat bottom.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Daphne, this is going to be a little tricky.

      First, imagine cutting the shoe in half from top to bottom. Because the top half isn’t anything like the bottom half, you are going to have to create a mold that splits from side to side.

      Basically, you want to create the mold like this dinosaur mold:

      I realize after watching the video, you will likely have more questions. I’m here to help. 🙂

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      Thank you so much for replying to me! So u watched the video and that makes a lot of sense. What is the rule or trick for cutting into the mold to the original piece?! Do I need to spray the original piece with something so it doesn’t stick to the mold? Can resin be painted with acrylic paint and finished with something like mod podge or liquitex? Is the resin bendable? I need it to be only slightly bendable but very sturdy. How do I cut around the small straps? I’m going to post the link to Amazon of two of the dolls wearing some of the shoes I’m trying to duplicate. I’m confused on how to get it out of the mold and what would be the best way to fill the mold? I’ve NEVER done a mold before and I’m only just now exploring the world of molding for the first time it of necessity. I’m going to need to make A LOT of molds so your help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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      I don’t know if she intends for the shoes to be removable but I do. Hi, I’m wanting to do some custom work with some monster high dolls but I need to duplicate a pair of heels and a pair of boots multiple times. I only have one pair of each and need a lot more. I intend for the shoes to be removable.

      So I’m on my phone and I can’t paste pictures and it won’t copy the link address. But a quick Google or ebay search will show you what the shoes look like. The red high heels from the Monster high Cleo disembodied student council and the tall tan boots from the Monster high Gilda disembodied student council set. The boots have a slit up the back to help with removal.

      I’ve never done anything like this and could use all the advice I could get. Thank you in advance.

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        Katherine Swift

        Did you have a chance yet to check out the links above? I think they will answer a lot of your questions, especially the video.

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      Hi, I’ve made a pretty good mold for shoes with 100% silicone that you first squeeze into soapy water and then I used a small container and pressed my shoes into. My issue now is finding the right product to fill that mold. Silicone paste and cornstarch did not work. Is there a product out there that can pour and then be come rubber?

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        Katherine Swift

        It sounds like you will need to use more silicone to cast the mold. Be sure to use a mold release, otherwise, you will create a large block of silicone.

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