How do you join two pieces of resin together?

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Joyce:

      When and how do you join two resin pieces together to make 1 piece? I would like to insert a mortal piece I have made with a loop.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Joyce,

      You will want to make sure your two parts come together snugly. Sand as necessary to make that happen. You can then use some mixed resin as a glue to keep the two parts together.

      I like to use a five minute epoxy for this purpose.

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      Sarah Jung

      How would you join two flat backed resin pieces to make a 3d piece?

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        Katherine Swift

        Same way as I talk about above. Use some mixed resin to glue the two pieces together.

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      use hot glue

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      Hi, I would like to make a piece using multiple pieces, but I am concerned the joining will be seen, can you see it when you join the pieces if you use sand and additional resin?

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      Hi there, I’m making a resin chess set & have come to the bit attatching the pieces together. Can you please tell me the best way to do it. I see you need to sand them to make snug fit but now do I glue them or resin them & what sand paper grade is best or which glue is best.
      Many thanx

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jasmine,

      To glue them together, E6000 is what I like to use. You can find it in our store here:

      As for how to sand the resin, this article explains more:

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      if I use the same type of resin used to make the two pieces to join them, will it be a strong bond or will it come apart easily?

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