How to blend colors properly in long narrow grooves?

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      David D

      I am refinishing an old bench seat. I used a router to cut crisscrossing grooves that form a diamond pattern across the wood. I’d like to fill the grooves with resin. I was originally going to use blue only, but I realized it may look nice to have black in the center than bleeds out to blue edges. But I’m not sure if my plan is going to work, so I’m hoping someone can tell me in advance from experience.

      I have a couple syringes to put the resin into the grooves. One for blue, one for black. Should I just pump black into the center and blue along the edges? And it will all generally stay in its original location as it settles and just blend at the edges a bit? Or will it be better if I do black first, let it settle evenly in all the grooves, and then apply the blue from the edges until the resin all rises to the top of the grooves? Guessing the first approach is the way to go, but not sure.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi David, the first approach is the one I would take. The colors will (mostly) stay in place once they meet.

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