How to clean a silicone mold

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Sarah:

    I am just beginning on my resin journey and am preparing for my first pour. I tried to clean the dust and particles off of the silicone molds but I am having issues with drying it without getting particles on it. Do you have any recommendations? I tried blow drying it, using a cloth, the only thing I can think to do is to allow it to air dry but for some reason I thought I had seen somewhere that air drying is a bad idea because it will leave water spots on the mold. Is that true?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Sarah,

    I like to clean silicone molds with a quality soap (I like Dawn) and water. Once the mold is clean, I slap it on a firm surface that has a towel on it to force out the remaining water drops. Air drying can be a problem if you have hard water as it can leave mineral deposits. To help speed up drying, you can use a heat gun or put it in a warm oven.

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    I am having the same dust/lint issue with my silicone molds. I’ve searched the web for ideas and the only idea I’ve seen is for a Blackberry case, but I’m hesitant to use the idea because it says to rub oil on it. I doubt my resin would appreciate it, so I’m here asking the experts! Cheers!

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