how to make a clear mold for pandora-type beads

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      Im trying to figure out how to make a mold for Pandora-type beads, preferably clear, because I want to add inclusions.

      I have some beads to replicate  — an assortment of round, smooth, faceted, and bumpy.   I was able to remove the grommets.

      I was thinking about something pourable, rather than a clay to help get a good cast of the hole of the bead.  The holes are 5mm.  Im hoping that is substantial enough to work for a mold. 

      What would I coat the beads with to ensure they come out of the silicone?  Would that info be on the mold making materials instructions?  What brand/type mold making materials would you suggest I use?  I was hoping for something clear to aid in placing my inclusions.

      Can I just put the bead in the bottom of a paper cup and then pour the silicone around it, or do I need to have it elevated some way? 


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      Katherine Swift

      A pourable silicone is what you will need to use here.  I dont have any experience with clear silicones, so Im unable to recommend a specific brand.

      If your bead is non porous I wouldnt expect you to need a mold release if you are using making a silicone mold.  However, using a mold release is always a good idea.  If I were going to use one, I would spray the bead with a light coat of our Petrolease non silicone mold release.

      If the side of your bead is flat, you dont need to elevate it.  If it is curved, you will need to put a ring of clay or something similar around that edge.  Put that edge down onto the bottom of your molding container.  This will ensure the curved edge will cast well.  When pouring the resin, dont pour to fill up the void caused by clay, otherwise you will have a lot of sanding to do.

      Good luck!

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      It worked!!! Thank you. I am loving resin!

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        Katherine Swift

        Awesome! Do you have a picture you can share?

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      Katherine Swift

      We have Pandora style bead molds in our store here:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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