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       I recieved my two heart molds from you and was so excited I had to make a batch of resin and try them out,, when I took them out the one mold left scratches on my piece and the other left a wavey look on the top. I am new at this and was wondering if I am supose to do something to the mold before using it. Is there a way to fix my pieces?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Terrie,

      Your molds will imprint onto the cured resin.  If there’s an imperfection in your mold, you will see it in your casting.  You can try applying another layer of resin on the surface of the imperfection.  (Use a doming resin.)  Hopefully, that will cover up the imperfections.

      In the meantime, please message us at the ‘contact us’ button so we can discuss the specific details of your mold problem.

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