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    I am having the strangest problem with my resin, the red is turning orange! Almost a NEON orange, sometimes a strangely reflective browny neonish orange.

    I am aiming for bloody reds, creating crystals that look like blood when dropped in water, which I have achieved in the past with different tints. I got this generic red tint from a movie place in Canada, but I dont have it where I am right now in Miami on vacation. I have a project I need to finish here though! So I got -all new- stuff!

    Two 32 oz bottles of Ice Resin from amazon.

    Jacquard Alcohol inks – santa fe red (with a touch of black, and/or purple to deepen that bloody tone)

    Alizarm crimson Oil paint

    Bright red acrylic paint (mixed with a touch of brown to darken…)

    ALL of these gave me this strange orange tone! Where ever the red resin touched the clear resin, creates this strange effect that goes orange. The flat red pieces all went orange. ORANGE! Except when you hold them up to the light directly, they look red. Out of the light passing through them, orange. It’s baffling!

    SOOOOOO then I bought the ICE resin tints, because -maybe- it was a problem with those THREE other red right? No.

    The ruby red, with a touch of purple to darken it, still does the same thing. Orange!

    Its eating up my resin and giving me unusable orange hideousness! What could be going on?

    Other notes:
    I warm my bottles of resin in warm, but not hot water so they mix better and don’t create as many bubbles.
    I am using silicone molds, many handmade from Mold Star Platnium grade silicone, some other molds from ebay. They all have this problem.
    The house is air conditioned, not humid.

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    Also, its during curing that the colors change! I mix the perfect colors, create the objects, and then somehow by the end of the cure the beautiful rich bloody reds have done weirdly orange!

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    Katherine Swift

    Have you tried using the ICE resin tint ruby red without adding the purple? I have used it that way and been happy with the ‘red’ results. You can see how I used them here:

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