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      So for starters, I’m new to the resin scene, I’m short on time on a project I must deliver soon, short on supplies cause where I live there’s literally nothing so I’m stuck with this cheap plastic egg mold (thin, kinda flexible, is white idk if that give you any hints) and this unknown resin. I’m not afraid of failure but I’m afraid of the dangers that resin may pose. For example, resin heats up, could that pose any danger to my surroundings? Is it possible for the mold to catch on fire? Will the mold warp thus causing the resin to warp with it? I know… I’m a mess but there’s literally no-one else I can turn to, that could provide me with the knowledge I need to succeed (and obviously survive) in my first resin project (which is massive btw, I’m staying positive even if all odds are against me).
      Please and thank you (hope someone actually answers soon)

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Joseph,

      Welcome to the world of resin!

      If your mold is polypropylene plastic, it will work with resin. Otherwise, the resin may stick to it or even melt and not come out of your mold.

      I do understand your safety concerns. This article details some of the basic safety precautions you need to take when you work with resin:

      Does this help?

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