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    I have a beautiful, inherited bit of jewellery that I will never wear – I’m thinking of displaying it on my wall by casing it in resin and then framing it. Something like:

    BUT – what if in the future someone wants to wear it? Can they get it out without damaging it? The item is mainly silver with some semi precious stone too. It’s about 6 inches tall and a crucifix (the reason I have no desire to wear it, but someone else might). Is there some protective barrier I should paint on it between it and the resin? Is it possible to ever remove the resin? Can anyone think of any other way of displaying it where the silver will not tarnish but it can be removed? Sorry for all the questions 🙂

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Liz, once it is encased in resin, it will be almost impossible to remove. (Never say never, but I don’t know of a way to remove it later without damaging the piece.)

    Have you thought about putting it in a display box? I would suggest getting it polished the way you want, then applying a couple of light layers of Renaissance Wax. I have used this on my silver and resin jewelry and have been quite pleased with how it keeps the tarnish out. It shouldn’t need to be reapplied very often unless someone buffs it off or washes the piece with soap and water. You can get Renaissance wax from specialty woodworking outlets.

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    oh that’s perfect – thank you for the advice, I’m so glad I checked!

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