Is there an alternative to Resin Sealant Sprays?

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    Kayla Burke

    Hi there,
    I am wondering if there are any alternatives to using the Castin’ Craft Spray Sealant spray. I am looking to get a glossy finish but I need much more control than what the spray offers. I only need to spray the flat bottoms of my pieces after sanding, but when I do that it tends to splatter on the sides of my pieces and cause more unwanted marks that I then have to deal with. My pieces are odd shaped, so I cannot lay them flat to spray, I have to hold them up and spray them individually. I don’t think adding another layer of resin to the bottoms will work, since I have to sand them down to get them completely flat. Any ideas?

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    Katherine Swift

    Have you tried wrapping the sides of your pieces with masking tape before you spray?

    Do you have a link to a piece for reference?

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    Kayla Burke

    Attached is a link to the Resin Crystals I make for reference. I only need to use a sealant on the bottoms of each piece. I do not do any finishing on the other surfaces. I have used masking tape on a different resin casting once to keep the resin clean from a clay I was using and tape left a cloudy residue on the surface when I peeled it off, in which I cannot get off. So I’m not sure I want to go that route again. Any solutions on the best ways to clean a resin castings to remove this kind of residue? Do you know of any brush on Sealants I could use?


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    Kayla Burke

    I’m not sure how to attach the link….
    Visit and search Forest Crystals.


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    Katherine Swift

    Have you tried sanding the surface? I’m wondering if you sand and end with a 2000 grit sandpaper (or higher) then try some of the Novus polish, it might just be enough. You can see how the Novus kit did polishing in this video:

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    I’ve been wondering about a product called
    EzFlow Nail Systems- BRUSH ON RESIN. It’s used with fake nails. Anybody heard of this or tried it as an alternative to the spray?

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    Hi there!

    Firstly, love your site, thank you Resin Obsession, you have given me lots of tips and inspiration!

    I had no idea that a finishing spray even existed until now?! I have been using olive oil and a clean, soft cloth to polish my pieces. When I sell a piece I add a little thank you note, and on the flip side it advises people to polish with olive oil if/when the piece loses its lustre. Am I wrong to do this?

    Happy for any feedback/comments etc.
    Thanks heaps!

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    I spray a small amount of sealant in a med cup and brush where needed!

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