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      Kayla Burke

      Hi there,
      I am wondering if there are any alternatives to using the Castin’ Craft Spray Sealant spray. I am looking to get a glossy finish but I need much more control than what the spray offers. I only need to spray the flat bottoms of my pieces after sanding, but when I do that it tends to splatter on the sides of my pieces and cause more unwanted marks that I then have to deal with. My pieces are odd shaped, so I cannot lay them flat to spray, I have to hold them up and spray them individually. I don’t think adding another layer of resin to the bottoms will work, since I have to sand them down to get them completely flat. Any ideas?

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      Katherine Swift

      Have you tried wrapping the sides of your pieces with masking tape before you spray?

      Do you have a link to a piece for reference?

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      Kayla Burke

      Attached is a link to the Resin Crystals I make for reference. I only need to use a sealant on the bottoms of each piece. I do not do any finishing on the other surfaces. I have used masking tape on a different resin casting once to keep the resin clean from a clay I was using and tape left a cloudy residue on the surface when I peeled it off, in which I cannot get off. So I’m not sure I want to go that route again. Any solutions on the best ways to clean a resin castings to remove this kind of residue? Do you know of any brush on Sealants I could use?


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      Kayla Burke

      I’m not sure how to attach the link….
      Visit and search Forest Crystals.


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      Katherine Swift

      Have you tried sanding the surface? I’m wondering if you sand and end with a 2000 grit sandpaper (or higher) then try some of the Novus polish, it might just be enough. You can see how the Novus kit did polishing in this video:

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      I’ve been wondering about a product called
      EzFlow Nail Systems- BRUSH ON RESIN. It’s used with fake nails. Anybody heard of this or tried it as an alternative to the spray?

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      Hi there!

      Firstly, love your site, thank you Resin Obsession, you have given me lots of tips and inspiration!

      I had no idea that a finishing spray even existed until now?! I have been using olive oil and a clean, soft cloth to polish my pieces. When I sell a piece I add a little thank you note, and on the flip side it advises people to polish with olive oil if/when the piece loses its lustre. Am I wrong to do this?

      Happy for any feedback/comments etc.
      Thanks heaps!

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      I spray a small amount of sealant in a med cup and brush where needed!

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      I live in Australia and can’t access the castin craft resin spray here. Is there an alternative spray or product to use to coat and protect pieces and cover and seal scratches? I use epoxy resin in molds and sand with micro mesh but still get scratches.

      Thanks! I love your work and tutorials. You started my passion for resin.

      From Emily in Australia

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        Katherine Swift

        HI Emily, you can try an acrylic based clear spray. That may work for you.

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      This is such an interesting topic. I have resin-based accessories to do using dried fruits. lemon and mint leaves works using upcast resin but not the strawberies. they got burned everytime they entered the resin, turning into dead-rotten pale brownish colour.

      i tried applying the dried strawberries in tacky glue (UHU is the brand i have in my country). It protects the strawberry when i put them inside glycerine water to test it out (strawberry will have slight discolouration if the glue coating fails, but this case the glue protects the strawberry). I tried to cast them in upcast resin (tacky glue coating) and it kinda works (some part remains red) but still ended up turning some part brownish pale colour (not a big success for me but improvement)

      so i stumbled to this post and try to look for acrylic epoxy lacquer coating spray ( because i can’t find the product above in my country Indonesia) while i need to test it out soon. I don’t know how it turns out but I’ll try this and hopefully it works. I also switched the resin into epoxy resin. hopefully I could get the best outcome out of this. epoxy resin is certainly pricier than upcast resin, so I do have high hopes in its quality

      Thank you for the tips! hope it works out

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      Karla – I’ve just tried using a UV gel polish no-wipe topcoat (the brand that I have a Crystal G but I’m in the UK) as a final coating on cured resin to give a shiny finish and fill in any scratches. I’ve brushed on a layer like reasonably thick nail polish, left it for anything up to about a minute to self-level, filled in any gaps and then cured it with a UV salon nail lamp.

      It seems to work well and gives a lovely shiny surface with a thinner thickness than adding another layer of epoxy resin. I don’t know how well it lasts over time as obviously nails aren’t supposed to be that permanent and I don’t know if it delaminates or anything horrible eventually. I’d really like to know if anyone else has any experience with using something similar?

      I’ve used acrylic spray (Plasti-Cote or generic car spray) in the past but sometimes it’s brilliant and other times the finish is bumpy and I don’t know why! I’m also going to try Dorothy’s brush-on technique…

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        Bonnie Van Steen

        Hi Cate-
        Do you have an update on how the UV gel polish have held up as a clear coat?

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      Maria Carr
      Guest sells resin spray in Australia. As you can’t send aerosols via the mail, they will send via courier. Hope this helps šŸ˜Š

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      Sherry Gill

      I need advice as well & you seem to be the Go- To person for a lot of peeps.
      I have a can of spray enamel. I’m trying to make a mosaic out of old DVDs, and yes it’s my first time. I’m so new to all of this But it’s fun! And I must add you are very talented. Do you think clear enamel spray would work for this project? To seal it like resin. Thank you so much and hope to be hearing from you. Happy Easter!

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Sherry,

        Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I haven’t used that product so I don’t know if it would work.

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      Hi Katherine
      I hope you can help because this is driving me mad. I am embedding flowers in clear casting resin in a split mould sphere. The demold leaves a fine line that I have sanded down through the grades but even with the polish it leaves a dull surface.
      Iā€™m following the feed because Iā€™m sure there must be a spray or coating that can bring up a gloss finish. Iā€™m in the UK. Any ideas?
      Great page by the way, so helpful.
      With thanks

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        Katherine Swift

        HI Debbie,

        I’m afraid I don’t know of any sealer spray alternatives in the UK.

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      Hi, im new here. When I used to work in antique restoration we sprayed thinned resins with an airbrush and heated it with a heat gun to cure. As it was very thin coats you can lightly paint with airbrush on top , splatter with thinners or alchohol and anything under that treated layer remains fast and untouched. You can use this technique to get some realy cool finishes with several layers but spraying mekp catalists etc is a VERY DANGEROUS METHOD and you would need some serious masks and ventilation. Thinning other than polyurethane resins does work but I dont have a list of which. I even tried some laquers, varnish and clear coats inc rattle cans.

      PS: I would like to thank the community here for tips and info over the years.


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      Have you tried Frog tape? Or I believe there is also Gorilla tape, both are painters tapes and made to come off easily and leave no residues.

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      I’m looking for an alternative to aerosols because of the environmental impact, so any update would be great. Thanks!

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      Clare Corre

      I have used Dimensional Magic to add shine to resin molds that didn’t come out shiny. It comes out with a nozzle tip and is easy to control and tends to stay where I put it. It is not resin but considered a faux resin.

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