I’ve never done this, contemplating large one-time project

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      We have a purple handbag that belonged to my mother-in-law that we’d like to turn into a piece of art to remember her by. We’d like to suspend/embed/encase (I don’t know which would be the correct term) it in an acrylic cube. It’s dimensions are 14″L x 10″H x 5″W (at the base/bottom). Any company who does this sort of commemorative work will not touch this as it is a “one of” item and they are unsure how the dyed leather will react with the resin. I haven’t been able to find any artists working in resin; perhaps I don’t know where to look 🙂 The more I research, the more I think this might have to be a DIY. So, first question, am I nuts? If the answer to that is “no” or “maybe not” and realizing that if I decide to move forward I will likely need a private session or two….. then these questions ~

      1) From research I’ve found that because leather is an organic material, there’s a chance of deterioration if any air is left within the cube. Would filling the purse (similar to filling the nooks and crannies in flowers) eliminate that risk? Would I use resin? Resin would also help keep it from collapsing in on itself, over time, I think.
      2) I’ve seen that you recommend a spray on sealer to seal other items, would it be appropriate for leather?
      3) Do they even make silicone molds this large?
      4) This thing is going to weigh a ton, isn’t it?

      Thanks so much for your input!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jackie,

      This project is a very large undertaking. Even as an experienced artist, I would anticipate this project would take several weeks from start to finish to complete.

      Yes, the leather will need to be sealed, but I don’t know of one to recommend. Even then, I’ve never used leather in resin and can’t assure you it won’t change colors or shapes.

      You will likely need to make your own mold box for this project and yes, it will weigh a lot when you’re done.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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