Layered Resin Paperweight

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    Hello, I had a couple questions about what i may have done wrong on this, I am currently using Envirotex Lite (I know its a little bad for casting mold but i’m still doing trial and error with my molds.) I have made about a 2×2 cube paper weight with this in about 5 layers. Knowing this resin is mostly for tables and smaller layers I tried to stay thinner thinking it would help, after about 4 days of Layering and 2 inclusions later. (a wasp in layer 2 a dried flower in 3) the last day I decided to lay a bit of a thicker layer, just to see if I can fill these a tad deeper. Turned out when de-molded that the thickest layer was the best, it had less bubbles and was clearer but I had more issues than just one layer.

    Okay so now I that explained my Process of my layers my real issues lie here, I can literally see every layer i added. each layer became clearer the more resin I added, so the first layer is kinda just a lot of tiny micro bubbles then 2nd it gets a little better, 3rd and so on, Is there any way i can avoid this, can i get explained maybe why the first layer which is fairly thin is so full of bubbles but the thick layer is not so bad. If a picture could help explain this further I have plenty.

    Thank you!!

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Raven,

    Did you pour the layers one after the other or did you wait until the previous layer was fully cured before pouring the next layer?

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    I waited for each layer to cure about 24 hours before pouring the next layer, it was about a 5 to 6 day process of layers.

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      Katherine Swift

      You can minimize the lines between layers by pouring the next layer once the previous layer has gelled and not fully cured.

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    I will try that next time. I have honestly never tried to apply any layer during curing process so that will be a nice new section to add in my notes and I bet the process would be much quicker. Thank you so much for your advice!

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