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      I want to do a project in a mold where I do layers of different colors, findings, etc. I pour the first one, let it cure in the mold and then do the next one and hope it’s going well in the mold? Or do you have any suggestions? And how thick could I make each layer? I am using easycast clear casting epoxy.

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      Katherine Swift

      As long as the first layer has partially cured, you can pour the next layer. This will minimize the lines between layers. If you are worried your resin may not be curing properly, keep a little bit in your cup to check on it without bothering the resin in your mold.

      When using EasyCast resin, you can make the layers as thick as necessary, but mix no more than 16 ounces of resin and hardener (total) at once.

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      Katherine Swift

      This article explains more about how to pour resin in layers without getting lines:

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