liquid glass versus resin

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Elise:

    I life in holland and i have a question: Why alway need a resin of 2 components. Can I also use liquid glass=sodium silicate? We call it “waterglas”. We can buy this in one bottle and don’t need to mix it. It is even as clear and as massive as 2-comp. resin. Can you pleas tell me thedifferences.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Elise,

    Resin is generally a two-part system: a resin and hardener (or catalyst). You can use UV resin, which is a single part, and UV light works as the catalyst.

    I haven’t used sodium silicate, but a quick google search lets me know it’s meant to be used as a surface coating, say like for a car. It wouldn’t be suitable for casting like resin is.

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    Judy H

    In the states, Tri Art makes a pouring medium called Liquid Glass. Do you know if the quality of the finish as a top coat/sealant is equal to resin?

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