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      I’m trying to get into resin crafts and I’m trying to find resin/coatings that would have the highest refraction index. I’ve been looking online but it seams like resin for crafting is either extremely low in this area or the resin available to sell is mainly for factory’s and production lines. I was hoping to find resins that have the refractive index in the info somewhere but most resin stores have 0 info. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Mike,

      Refractive index isn’t something we readily have data on. What are you creating that makes this number important? I might be able to offer some other suggestions.

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        I want to get into making figures and other resin things, I just want what I make to have that effect that a higher refractive index would have. I’ve seen some sprays and coatings, some brands do have info about it but I wanted to ask people that actively work with resin to see if they knew more than google did about at home products.

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