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    Im looking for something that I can put the little pieces of “resin paper” on while they are curing. Ive heard of a tray with little spikes sticking up that are really close together.  You can set curing objects on it and the resin will just drip off.  (The tray is not made specifically for resin-making, but it will work for what I need – if I can find one.)   When I resin my little pieces of paper and set them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper on it (like I do for my curing bezels), the resin runs off the paper.  Does anyone know of a tray like this and where I might get one?  Or do you have any other ideas of things I can use to help with my dripping resin problem?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Ann,

    I like to take a styrofoam tray and coat it with a sheet of wax paper.  Push toothpicks into the wax paper so they can form a spiky platform to place your resin papers on. 

    Just a note:  only do one side at a time.  Otherwise, the resin will cure to the toothpicks!

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    Katherine Swift

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    Thanks for sharing this great (ingenious!) idea, Katherine!!  Im headed to the craft store to buy some styrofoam!!

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    I make bangles and I need a good finishing resin to brush onto my projects. I use silicone mold to ensure a glossy look, then sand with wet and dry paper. Would envirotex go on ok work a brush? Would you recommended the process above for controlling the drips?

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    Katherine Swift

    What resin are you using now? Yes, the picture shown above is how I like to prop up bangles (and other items) for coating with another layer of resin. Have you considered our resin gloss sealer spray? https://shop.resinobsession.com/collections/tools-and-supplies/products/castin-craft-gloss-resin-sealer-spray This video shows how I used it on a few castings with a cloudy surface:


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    I am using castin craft epoxy resin for the bangles. I have used the castin craft gloss and I don’t love how it turns out. It makes the piece less expensive. My bracelets sell in high end boutique shops and i just want them to look even better. Shiny, smooth, and protected.

    Do you rather sand by hand or a power tool? Maybe that’s a good way to shine it up?

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