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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Christina:

      I’m interested in your mold making materials. I’ve been trying to do a lot of research and have come up short. I am wondering which would be the best item for making molds of heavy card stock paper. I’ve already cut pieces and sealed them in Mod-Podge. Any advice or links would be so great.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Christina,

      Sealing the paper with Mod Podge is a good first step. My concern here is that your card stock isn’t going to be thick enough to make a mold from. Even if you could, the resulting resin casting would be so thin it would either break or be very bendy at best.

      What are you trying to accomplish? That would better be able to help me make a recommendation to help you.

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      I’m making a paper petal dress for a costume and was attempting to coat in resin to prevent the separate “petals” from curling up. I found a video on YouTube last week that suggests applying resin with a sponge, but I was hoping to make it sturdier than that.

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      Katherine Swift

      Have you seen this tutorial? I’m thinking you could make wire in the shape of leaves, then fill in with resin. Would that work for what you want to do?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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