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      Katherine Swift


      Im not a jewelry maker so this may be out of your area of expertise but if you have time to read this email, Id be very grateful.

      Let me first explain my craft project and tell you that Ive never tried it.  I have several old multi-pane windows like this image:

      This may be somewhat misleading since the clear panes on this image have been replaced with mirrors. My project uses normal single pane clear glass.

      I will lay my old window on a level (horizontal) surface, distribute various thin craft materials (probably none over 1/8th inch)  such as beach glass, and clear broken glass in most, if not all, of the separate panes. Then I will seal them with a liquid plastic to just cover the craft material(s).

      3 QUESTIONS:

      The product I bought may not be a “resin”!  I bought EasyCast Epoxy because it requires a 50/50 mixture; I worried about using the correct amount of hardener in what I understand to be a true “resin”. Is there a significant difference in the final result between these 2 products?

      (        )   Yes, they are very different in the final form.
      (       ) No they are essential the same in the final form.


      For my project, please tell me if either is better for outdoor use: _________


      I saw one of your YouTube Vids. about removing bubbles. Here is your URL for many more of your YouTube Vids:

      Would you recommend 2 or 3 that would be helpful in making my pour?


      Thank you for your time and trouble. If you have any other important caveats you think I should consider, please send them to me

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Marcel,

      Yes, Easy cast resin is an epoxy resin.  You can read here on our blog about the different types of resin:

      I don’t necessarily understand your first question.  Each resin has its own mixing properties and ratios.  Follow the label directions carefully.  If you have questions about the resin, contact the place where purchased the resin or the manufacturer for special instructions.

      I don’t recommend an epoxy resin for outdoor use.  It’s soft compared to other resins.  You may want to consider a polyester resin if you’re going to keep your finished project outside, but polyester resin has its own challenges:

      We also have a video on how to mix epoxy resin: