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      Britt G

      Hi there. I’m new to resin and have been making clay, hand painted pins. I wanted to seal them in UV resin but every time I do I end up with micro bubbles. According to my husband you can barely see them if at all. You do have to look close and get it in the right light I admit. But I wonder what is happening or what I’m doing wrong for this to happen? I warmed up the resin. I sealed the pins ahead of time. I hit it with a heatgun/lighter before curing. But every time I put it under the UV lamp, instant teeny bubbles can be seen under the light. I admit there is an AC that kicks on every 10 minutes to keep the house cool…but would that cause such a thing?

      So, am I being super nit picky and this can be normal and acceptable? or am I doing something wrong or missing something? It’s beginning to drive me crazy. Any advice is appreciated.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Britt,

      It sounds like it might be coming from the clay. Try painting a very thin layer of resin on first to soak into the clay, then do your next layer.

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        Britt G

        Will do. I took a little breather and am starting back tonight. I’ll give it a shot. Thank you so much 🙂

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