Miniature bottles with glitter

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      Zetta Spellman

      I’m getting into making. Charms with little bottles. There’s a few I’d like to make with floating glitter. I’ve tried clear glue like it showed in the tutorials I’ve watched, but the glue doesn’t want to dry, and the glitter always sinks to the bottom.

      Would resin work for something like this? I just don’t want to invest in resin if it’s not what I’m looking for.


      – Zetta

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Zetta,

      Yes, resin will work well for this project. If you want the glitter to float, I would suggest using the Stampendous microglitter. It is a very fine consistency and tends to stay suspended when mixed with resin.

      This tutorial on our blog shows making a pendant like this but using glass glitters: The glitter sinks in that one because I’m using the heavier glass glitter, but it gives you an idea on what to do.

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      Zetta Spellman

      Thank you for your response! I’ll have to try that.

      – Zetta

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      Victor Faulkner

      Put the resin in small layers let resin gel
      Sprinkle on top then add another layer

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