mixing resin with catslyst powder not consistent

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      hi there
      i had previously confirmed a defined curing cycle of a resin (liquid novolac 40,000cps) mixed with a powder catalyst (organic) at fine particles, at a small scale of 2kg. The curing cycle is in combination with a Part A epoxy.
      Now i am scaling up the mix of the novolac+catalyst to 8kg and somehow the final curing cycle (in combination with the epoxy) does not remain the same; with one batch it s slower, with another faster .
      the ratio of the novolac to catalyst is obviously kept the same and the mix seems well homogenized.
      when i try the curing cycle, i prepare a 100ml cup test in reaction with a part A.
      what can actually be happening?
      can you share any comment? advice?
      many thanks!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Pierluigi,

      Have you asked the manufacturer for help on this?

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