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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from John:

      I use Mixol tints with wood stains, house paints, pottery clay, polymer clay, resins, candle wax, leather dyes, etc etc I try to buy everything in neutral or white only and mix my own colors.

      As you probably know, they are pricey, and hard to get. No Amazon prime for those.

      Do you know how your colorants compare? Can I use them everywhere I am using Mixol currently.?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi John,

      I have never used this tints for coloring resin, so I don’t have any firsthand experience to share with you.

      In reviewing the Safety Data Sheet information for a few of the colors, these look similar to what I would expect for paint colorants. In that case, I would think they would work, but you will want to use as little as possible to get the color effect you want. These are water based and resin does not like water. You may find that your resin will lumpy and/or not cure if you use too much.

      If you do try this, would you mind letting me know how it goes?

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      JoAnne Setear

      Hello to Katherine and crew, I see this is an older post, but I hope I can clarify about Mixols. I also hope by now you are using and love them! Mixols are not water based. In fact they are “universal” meaning they can be added to water, solvent or high quality oil based materials: Epoxy, paste wax, glue, stains, paint, plaster, putty , grain filler, Tung Oil, shellac, lacquer, even concrete! Plus many other materials. They are high quality, very saturated colors – made in Germany. Sepp Leaf Products is the US distributor. http://www.seppleaf.com You can buy them at Woodcraft and Rockler stores. Also on Amazon, under Prime Tools for free Prime shipping. Follow us on Instagram: mixolusa. Thanks, JoAnne

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      Can you achieve a transparent tint finish with mixol ??


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