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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Heather:

    Hi, I made a resin counter top this weekend and after I poured it and it cured I noticed that in a few spots the Mod Podge that we had started to use to glue the items to the table with hadn’t dried. What will happen to those spots? Will I be OK to leave it or should I try to find a way to get it to dry? The base is wood so I should be able to drill up into the pockets to allow them air exposure if need be. Thank you so much for your help.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Heather,

    What do these areas look like that make you think they are not dry?

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    The ModPodge is white in those areas. Where in other spots it is clear. That’s the biggest reason why I think it did not dry.

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    Katherine Swift

    Weird. I have never had modpodge stay white in the resin. Was the modpodge dry (clear) when you poured the resin?

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    Heather Snyder

    I’m not sure. Given the way it looks I don’t think it was dried. I had my grandfather helping me and so I was somewhat distracted. The ModPodge had only been given about an hour to dry before we poured. I think the spots that are white are where it had been applied thicker. I should have waited longer and double checked those areas before we mixed.

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    Katherine Swift

    Ugh. The Mod Podge was not likely dry. I like to give that stuff 12 hours, if not longer, to dry before applying resin. If it were me, and the resin has cured in those spots, I would leave it alone. If it bothers you to see them, you can apply new things with the mod podge. Allow them to dry, then apply another layer of resin.

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    Heather Snyder

    Ok. Awesome. I was really worried about it messing up the resin or like molding. Luckily it isn’t really noticeable but I will definitely be sure to double check next time I use ModPodge

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    I glued pic with modge podge and resin on top turned white too
    It was dry
    So I assumed you couldn’t use a water base glue
    So I’m wondering if glue stick would be ok?

    I want to attach a net leaf to wood then resin over top

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