Mold release white spirit alternatives

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      Hello Resin experts

      I have a question and wanna make a diy mold release as i used olive oil and in certain areas where it gets hot or touches the resin it forms like a white cloud which destroys the product..

      so i came accross that u can make ur own mold release while mixing the white spirit with vaseline.. but as i live in egypt certain products are difficult to get and i wanted to know as im able to get something else instead like Hexane? which is from laboratory supplier and very pure and fast evaporating, would it be ok to mix the vaseline with hexane?

      thank you in advance and keep up with the nice posts here.


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Martin,

      I’m afraid I can only recommend mold releases that have been properly tested for safety along with their successful use in resin projects. We do have one that sounds like it could be helpful to you and can ship to you in Egypt. You can find it in our store here:

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      as i assume that the solvent only thins out the vaseline and after spraying will evaporate it should work… and hexane is a more pure form of naphtha and white spirit

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